The Myriad


M Squared: Life Shines

The world is at your doorstep.

M&A Homes and M Squared have come together to create The Myriad. A mall, and office building, and a condominium, it’s a place unlike anything that North America has ever seen. We have established a way to combine traditional styles with modern ones and produced a more efficient way of living, working, and shopping in our busy society.

有線樂享 無線價值

M Squared 集團公司,植根於東西文化之沃土,集傳統、 現代商業之精華,其麾下的The Myriad O2O Mall應運而生,清新而震撼,一個移動端神奇的購物時代呼之欲出!

位於多倫多50 Acadia Ave Markham的M Squared集團,匯集了來自世界各地的精英。 IT專家們,正不捨晝夜、 殫精竭慮地研發最新、最便捷、最高效、最可靠的O2O 購物模式,使得實體商城和電子商城的合體,暢享購物的樂趣和便利:

  • 手機下載M Squared App
  • 掃描QR(商品二維碼)
  • 實體商城和電子商城(Offline to Online)
  • 無需錢包、從不打烊、送貨到家

薩斯卡通第一個The Myriad O2O Mall正在如火如荼的建設之中;其嶄新的理念引起極大關注,薩斯卡通市長及要員親臨現場,寄望於該項目可以給薩斯卡通帶來更多活力,CBC等新聞媒體跟踪報導,引起民眾的廣泛關注。

我們來了, M Squared 植根於加拿大。

遍布北美, 走向世界!

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With our Grand Opening Ceremonies on July 21, 2013 we began construction on Phase 1. Development of Phase 1 has begun, moving from barren land to an empty hole and emerging now as the foundation on which we will see our dream come to life. We are awed and inspired as we see this transformation take place. With each day that passes our excitement grows as we know we will soon see our Structure standing tall and completed ready to be inhabited and used.

項目一期自2013年7月興建以來, 我們親眼見證了每一步的穩健成長與完美蛻變, 項目竣工指日可待。

We are proud to have pre-sold 95% of Phase 1 and will soon open the doors to welcome those who chose to live, work and play in this great building. This is a building that sets the bar high for builders and developers alike. From the exterior architect to the interior design we at MA Land Developments are excited and proud of what will soon come into being. Even now, we are tirelessly working to ensure that each detail is attended to with excellence.

As The Myriad introduces a new concept for working and living in Saskatoon, we are pleased with the interest and enthusiasm that Phase 1 has already generated from the leaders and citizens of Saskatoon. We know that we are the leaders in this new development and we will be proud of those who duplicate our efforts.


The Myriad 項目開創了商業辦公居住一體化的新模式,其嶄新的理念引起了極大關注,薩斯卡通市長及要員親臨現場,寄希望於該項目可以給薩斯卡通帶來更多活力。我們致力於開創新型生活購物模式的新紀元。